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Selected projects

Back to the roots

Internationnal garden festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire - Edition 2021.
> Collaboration with leMa paysage & the LAN, laboratorio architetture naturali.

An imersive experience under the roots of a century-old oak tree.

The garden aim to show the world of the underground from a different perspective by bringing the visitor through a walk around and under the root system of century-old tree. Made of Salix, the sculpture explores the artistic possibilities of a thousand-year-old traditional technique of natural architecture with flexible sticks of wood. The blue sculpture is surrounded by a naturalistic planting design inspired from wild meadows with a blue palette of graphic perennials.
The garden will be visitable from mid-April until Novembre 2021 at the domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire.
Find more informations at : http://www.domaine-chaumont.fr/fr

Dry meadow 

Naturalistic planting design - raised planters in front of the Conscious Hotel of Westerpark, Amsterdam West.  

Naturalistic planting design in the cultural area of Westergas in Westerpark.

The Conscious Hotel of  Westerpark has a South-West facing terrace which makes it a lovely location to enjoy a fresh beer during the long summer days of Amsterdam. Customers find themselves surrounded by a naturalistic planting just at their sight, raised in big planters. The planting has been designed with low perennials and multi-stems trees in a naturalistic style and in order to keep the view open on the monumental building of the old Westergasfabriek. Plants have been selected to resist drougth periods without any additional watering during summer and dry periods.

Planted in March 2019.


Naturalistic planting design - bach of the Conscious Hotel of Westerpark, Amsterdam West.

Green values, leaves textures and long structural interest.

At the back of the Conscious Hotel is the oldest part of Westerpark. It is a quiete place where families and friends comes to pic-nic or to enjoy the shade of the tall trees, lying on the grass. The woodland planting is in a in dappled-shade situation during the morning and full shade in the afternoon. The design was inspired by a woodland atmorsphere, playing with different green values and textures of plants.

Planted in March 2019.


New backyard

Design & production of a private backyard - Amsterdam West.
Carpentery and decking works in collaboration with Steve Graham.

A room for the summer.

Located in Amsterdan-West, on the ground floor, this North facing backyard is almost always in a full-shade position. This dark and humid spot defiently needs a refreshing. After having fixed and recladed the shed, a water-resistant decking will come to add 11m2 of summer room to the appartment. A green and luxurious vegetion will come to ligth up the backyard with some evergreen plants and shrubs from woodland, turning this abandonned garden into a nice room to spend time during summer and a nice micro-landscape to look at from inside during the winter. 
Designed in september 2020 - Production & Plantation for march 2021.



Naturalistic planting design for public realm - Amsterdam Centrum.

The Weteringplantsoen that once was a park then turned to a round-about, is green again !

Weteringplantsoen was originally a elongated park created in 1845. It was then crossed by an avenue comming from the very new neigberhood of the Pijp, spliting the park into Eerste and Tweede Weteringplantsoen. In 1953 a round-about is created and named Weteringcircuit and in the 70’s new modifications are made for the tram. In construction again from 2003 untill 2018, the new weteringcircuit design offers more spaces for plantings, in memories of the park that was here before.
The planting design re-use the historical triangular shapes of the monospesific planting design that was there before. The plants have been carefully selected for their thoughness and draugh resistances in order to make a successfull planting in the public realm of Amsterdam, where no maintenance or watering should be needed more than once a year. Although the selection of fast growing perennials makes possible to cover completely the ground in the first months of the planting, giving it quickly the look of a mature planting.

Planted in April 2019.


A forgotten river

First step to the restoration of the natural hydrological system of Lille.

La Tortue, the forgotten river beneath Lille. Extract.

The city of Lille wants to build a plot that has been abandonned to nature for decades. The project is a classic urban planing with a high density of building and poor density of green and public spaces. Morevoer the project seems to have underestimated what lays under the plot. From some researchs done with an ecologist and urbanist of the municiplaity of Lille, on the field and in the archives, a precise mapping was made of the course of la Tortue. This revealed the dense system canal in Lille, centuries ago, until the begining of the industralization period in the north of France and the replacement of the entire open water management system by buried canalizations and a canal made of concrete, for trade.

This project propose an alternative project to the one supported by the municipality team and explores the opportunities that the re-opening of this old human-made river could offers to the neighborhoods. There, could be combined the natural dynamic of a river coming from the country-side then through the city and up to the river Deûle. With this project there is a change to re-discover and re-open this century-old-human-made river and made it one main the landscape identity of West Lille.

The landscape management of this plot could be the first step of a process of renaturation of the natural hydrological system of Lille and bring its landscape identity to the Flanders capital of the north of France.

Presentation at the municiplity of Lille in July 2017.
.Contact : Yoan Tison, ecologist at Lille municipality & Richard Demeyter, urbanist at Lille municipality

Planting identity

Naturalistic planting design for public realm - Marnixstraat, Amsterdam Centrum.

First completed section of Marnixstraat, revealing the future green identity of the entire street.

Marnixstraat is the street where used to stand the Medieval Walls of the city of Amsterdam. Once an elongated park, the streets has been shaped by buidlings and cars over the years and few room has been left for nature. With the new shape of the street, designers of the municiapility decided to give more room to bikes and trams as well as some more space for for planting.
This planting plays with evergreen and real tough perennials that will thrive in a full-sun position and dappled-shade given bey big trees on each sides of the road. The planting offer a year-round interest and a really low maintenance by the municipality.

Planted in May 2019.

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