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Conception & Advice

Alan’s design aim to create spaces that enhance social activities and support wildlife. He is specialized in minimalistic designs that reveal the essence of a place and preserve its singularity. He is also trained to design naturalistic plantings and gardens which imitate the aesthetic and dynamics of nature. 

If you are looking for someone to develop a project envolving landscape and design or if you need to translate ideas into sketches, visuals or technical documents, you may well have found here someone to help you ;-)

A process in 3 steps

︎︎︎ Understanding your needs and making a diagnosis of the place in order to understand the possibilities of the project and see what are the best options at a first glance.

︎︎︎ Designing the project from the concept up to the technical aspects with a strong work on a simple but efficient design, and then making the documents to visual it. 

︎︎︎ Making it grow out of the ground by giving you all the documents necessary for the realization and sharing a list of suppliers and professionals, or by organizing the whole realization for you.

The studio

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